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Is Traffic Draining Employee Productivity at Your Workplace?

Telecommute Options

Corporate wellness programs aim to improve employee health and productivity… but are the lost time and added stress of a drive-alone commute draining away the benefits of these programs? Consider this infographic from Georgia Commute Options:

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Chilly temperatures, rain and possibly icy roads will no doubt contribute to heavy traffic congestion this week. Avoid the stress and try out a commute alternative!

State agencies can find out more about Georgia CommuteSmart here on the Georgia Department of Administrative Services‘ Human Resources Administration website.


DDS announces new online license reinstatement services


Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Rob Mikell recently announced a new online service for Georgia drivers needing to reinstate a driver’s license.  The new service enables customers to check their driving reinstatement eligibility, view, print or email a list of their specific reinstatement requirements, pay fees and reinstate driving privileges online – all without a physical visit or telephone call to DDS.

“A high priority has been to improve the license reinstatement process which is the most time consuming transaction for our DDS team members and customers,” Commissioner Mikell commented.  “Not only will this online service save time for many who need to reinstate a license, but it should directly impact our service levels at all customer service centers,” he added.

To access the new online reinstatement services, a customer must:

  • Have a Georgia driver’s license that is suspended, revoked or cancelled
  • Know their Georgia driver’s license number
  • Have (or create) a DDS online services account to access their personal suspension information

Each year DDS processes over 200,000 license reinstatements at customer service centers statewide.  The DDS customer contact center handles over six hundred thousand reinstatement calls annually.  Allowing reinstatement customers to handle their services online should directly improve the wait times at customer service centers statewide.

Many customers visit a customer service center to simply obtain a list of requirements needed to reinstate their driving privileges.  Once the requirements are fulfilled, customers would return to the DDS for reinstatement. The detailed information now available online includes personalized reinstatement information such as any citation number(s) and court information associated with the customer. The requirements may be printed or emailed for reference, and any fees may be immediately paid online.  In addition, automatic reinstatement of the driver’s privileges occurs when all requirements are met.

In certain situations, customers may automatically request that a new driver’s license or replacement license be directly mailed to them.  Those ineligible to request a replacement license online, may still pay all fees and reinstate driving privileges online.

To access the new reinstatement services, visit the DDS website at or at .

Team Georgia Social Media Summit highlights innovation in state government communications

Approximately 50 communications and leadership personnel representing nearly 40 state agencies gathered at the Georgia Department of Administrative Service’s office in Atlanta on Nov. 7, 2013 to discuss how state government communicators are leveraging innovative digital media to support their agency’s strategic priorities. The topics varied, but all focused on tapping digital media to make state government more responsive and approachable.

Cross-agency coordination like this is imperative for much of the work communicators do. This is especially true for digital initiatives, where cooperation between agencies’ respective social media presences allows communicators to amplify messages, grow audiences, and ultimately better communicate with customers.

“What I hope was obvious to the event attendees, is that our peers throughout state government are doing smart, edgy and innovative things with digital media,” said Seth Stuck, Manager of Online Communications for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services and the organizer of the event. “There’s value in seeing and hearing what other state agencies are doing really well, and then considering how their ‘lessons learned’ might apply to our own agencies.”

Below are the presentations from Georgia’s second #TeamGaSocial Summit:

• Optimizing Email: Leveraging targeted, measured email to ensure key audiences are receiving, seeing, opening, and acting on important calls to action
• Ready Georgia Mobile App: How to build and market a mobile app around a strategic need
• Geotagging: How geo-specific apps and social platforms like Foursquare can support strategic initiatives
• Interactive Multimedia Campaigns (Presentation not available): Launching a social media campaign driven by customer-submitted content
• Adaptive Web Design for Responsive Government: Designing websites for mobile users to make state government more accessible

If you “do social media” for your state agency, we invite you to join our Facebook group by requesting access here.