Performance Management

This site is designed for managers and employees throughout the state to provide an overview of Georgia’s Performance Management Process (PMP) and to provide tools and resources to use the process more effectively. For questions about your agency’s specific guidelines and deadlines, contact your agency’s HR office. Value of Performance Management

  • Drives Accountability throughout the organization
  • Ensures there is alignment between individuals’ goals and objectives and their agency’s goals and strategic plans
  • Drives clear expectations with measurable, objective criteria
  • Provides opportunities for feedback to employees
  • Supports individual development planning to expand individuals’ skill sets

Guiding Principles of Performance Management

  • People drive improved performance, not forms. Focus is relationships and feedback.
  • Performance management is a partnership between the manager and the employee.
  • There should be no surprises at review time.
  • Specific and objective feedback is key.
  • All individual performance goals should be linked to those of the department or agency.
  • Performance should be evaluated on what is to be accomplished as well as how it is to be accomplished.
  • Performance should be carefully measured and documented to ensure fairness and objectivity.

Georgia Performance Management Process Overview

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