New Employee Purchasing Program!

The Employee Purchasing Program allows state employees to buy today and pay tomorrow; right from their paychecks! Click on the following link for more information about the Employee Purchasing Program.

Want to learn more about the Employee Purchasing Program? Click on this video, which:

  • Describes the benefits of the employee purchasing program;
  • Determines your eligibility to participate in the program;
  • Lists the requirements to register for the program; and
  • Helps you to determine who to contact with questions, comments, or concerns.

For the best viewing experience we recommend using Chrome. For auditory assistance, download the course transcript from the Resources tab in the course player after you launch the course.

Click on the following links for the Employee Purchasing Program Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Ready to get started? Go to or call 1-800-537-3134. Send questions and comments to





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