A mother and mentor to many

Wonda Jones, human resources specialist with the Dept. of Veterans Service, takes her “helping and caring” characteristics to heart both at work and in her personal life.  As a Girl Scouts troop leader, she works hard to instill responsibility and optimism with hundreds of girls and young women in her community. 

“I just love people in general, especially children,” says Wonda. “I truly enjoy working with girls, and I see the change in them with me working with them. People tell me that my calling was to help girls because every time I finish with one child, another needs my help.  I am very hard on them about school, but I do have a good heart and work hard with them.  I am so happy that I can help them.”

Wonda and her husband have also helped raise more than 10 girls along with their own two daughters.  Eight of the girls, including her daughters, have earned their bachelor’s degree, and another will graduate next spring.

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