A Shrine in Glennville

This Memorial Day, we’d like to recognize the people who care for Georgia’s veterans and families at the state’s two veterans memorial cemeteries in Glennville (featured below) and Milledgeville.

The dedicated team at the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Glennville includes Ernie Cowart, director; Stacy Howard, assistant director; Scott Waters, maintenance supervisor; and Wally Brannen and Chad Tackett, cemetery maintenance.

From left: Ernie Cowart, Scott Waters, Wally Brannen and Stacy Howard. Not pictured: Chad Tackett.

“Our customers are veterans and their family members wishing to be buried at our cemetery or who have been buried here, and the general public who visit and have questions or interest in the cemetery,” says Ernie. The team handles burial eligibility verification and processing; grounds maintenance; gravesite opening, closing and maintenance; and equipment maintenance and repair.

“We take pride in helping people during a stressful time in their life and maintaining the cemetery’s appearance as a shrine to all those that have served this country and those buried in the cemetery,” says Ernie. “The rewarding part of the job is when we hear from family members about how pleased they were with burial service or how well kept the cemetery grounds are.”

Ernie’s team is ready to assist – even in unusual circumstances.  For example, Ernie recalls one service in which the funeral party arrived with an unexpected escort of more than 100 motorcycles.  With limited parking options, the Glennville team had to work quickly and creatively.

“We directed the motorcycles and the numerous cars following to park them without impeding the hearse or family members from the service location. Once we got everyone parked, we then had to coordinate with the clergy and funeral director to handle a crowd of more than 200 people.

“Our staff acted with professionalism and quick thinking to make this a smooth and successful service for the family with few problems or inconveniences to those attending.”

Ernie and his team ask us to remember that the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemeteries are not just a place for burial, but are maintained to be a shrine to all veterans that have served in the armed forces.

“We tell anyone that hasn’t visited the cemeteries to take a moment to walk through the grounds, look at the headstones, and for a brief moment remember that the deceased veterans buried here sacrificed for all of us. That is why we do the work that we do, to repay that sacrifice and honor that veteran.”

Caring for the grounds in Glennville








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