Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson, a ranger from the Georgia Forestry Commission in Walker County, knows first hand that doing your job well can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

Responding to a call that smoke was beginning to travel up the side of Lookout Mountain and that a possible forest fire was imminent, Chris arrived at the scene and quickly went to a nearby house to alert those inside of the danger. After knocking on the door and receiving no response, Chris noticed a few dogs lying on the ground near the fire. He quickly called for the dogs, but instead of heading toward Chris, the dogs leapt into the fire and ran around the house.

Despite the risk of personal danger, Chris followed the dogs who led him to the landowner lying on the ground with his clothes on fire. Quickly extinguishing the fire and pulling the landowner down the side of the mountain, Chris administered first-aid until an EMS unit arrived.

Because of Chris’ quick response and thorough inspection of the grounds, the landowner survived what most likely would have been fatal injuries due to the fire. Troy Floyd, the GFC Assistant Coosa District Manager, says “Chris’s quick and decisive actions not only saved the land-owners life, but in a further act of heroism, he returned to suppress the wildfire once the landowner was safe.”

Chris Henderson was a recent recipient of a Governor’s Commendation for Exceptional Customer Service.

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