Getting the job done and even more

Counting on someone to get the job done and even more – that’s the worker that many employees and employers want. At DeKalb Technical College, Lisa Henry thinks her coworker, Human Resources Coordinator Vernice Lawson, does just that.  She says Ms. Lawson always provides the “even more” as she rises to a challenge. Skilled in critical thinking and organizational skills, Ms. Lawson’s work ethics, attitude and productivity earn her respect from her customers.  Full of energy and always showing interest in others, she treats all with the same level of civility and respect whether it is the president of the college or a federal work-study student.

Describing Ms. Lawson, Ms. Henry said, “Even though one of her job responsibilities entails responding to questions and resolving personnel issues and complaints at all levels in the organization, her ability to make time in her hectic schedule for her colleagues makes her exceptionally accessible.  Everyone knows that she is just a phone call or email away.  Her door is always open whether you make an appointment or decide to drop in.  She may not have the time, but she creates it to accommodate you.  She is an awesome liaison among upper management, staff and faculty.  She is a true example of my mother’s favorite quote: ‘It is not what you do; it is how you do it’.  Ms. Lawson always does it properly.”  Ms. Lawson’s supervisor, Gale Belton, echoes the sentiments shared by Ms. Henry.

Ms. Lawson recently earned a double major from DeKalb Technical College and graduated with honors.  She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s from DeVry University.

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