International students thrive at GPC

ESL instructor Tim Brotherton’s teaching methods put a smile on students’ faces.

Imagine if you were starting college in another country – perhaps Botswana or Turkmenistan. Would you know how to register?  Would you understand the education system? Could you even speak the language?  The task may seem daunting!  But at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC), international students from more than 120 countries overcome these obstacles every semester. Fortunately, the task of registration is made easier because GPC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) faculty provide tailor-made registration sessions for international students.

“There are unique challenges when working with the global community that require both professionalism and an open mind,” said Colleen Ijuin, head of the ESL department at GPC’s Clarkston campus. “Different cultures require a different set of attentions based on what is important to them.”

While some are ahead of the curve, many internationals students arrive on campus with a limited understanding of the process.  ESL faculty patiently guide them through selecting a major, fulfilling requirements for a degree program or calculating credit hours.

“Serving such a multicultural community is both a privilege and source of pride for GPC,” said Colleen. “ESL faculty members deserve praise for all of the hours and effort they give to making college a welcoming place for this valuable population of students.”

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