DDS Announces Improved Online Address Change Service

Moving Change AddressGeorgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) recently announced that improvements to the agency’s online address change program has increased participation – saving thousands of customers an unnecessary visit to their local driver licensing office.

“DDS has improved the functionality when customers initiate a change of address online,” Commissioner Mikell said. “Since implementation, there is a 99.3% success rate for customers who have utilized the convenient option to update their address,” he added.

Before the improvements, 35% of customers were unable to successfully complete their change of address request online– ultimately requiring them to visit a DDS customer service center for service. Under the old system, customers could be notified up to ten days after the transaction took place that the change of address could not be validated. This resulted in an inconvenient refund (if applicable) having to be processed to the customer’s credit card plus an in-person visit to DDS.

“Why come in if you don’t have to?” the Commissioner asked. “Change your address online anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your home or office and save time and fuel.”

To qualify for an Online Address Change:

1. You must be a U.S. Citizen.
2. You must be a Georgia resident.
3. You must have created or updated a DDS Online Service Account after June 1, 2013
4. You are eligible for one free address change per term.

There is no additional fee for the service, and a customer can expect their updated license or ID to be mailed in approximately 5 days. Customers may check the status online to verify when the replacement has been mailed.

To initiate an online address change, please visit and click on the “moving van” icon or access directly at this link:

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