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Spotlight on Success: Ga. DoD Human Resources

Sept. 8, 2014

The Georgia Department of Defense, along with seven other agencies, was honored at the Human Resources Community Meeting this month for outstanding performance in the State FY 2014 HR Audit. DOAS Commissioner Sid Johnson presented the Commissioner’s Recognition Award to these top performers.

Sandra Bruce (pictured) is the Human Resources Director for the Georgia Department of Defense. Mrs. Bruce, a State Human Resources professional for 19 years, and her staff led their agency to successfully excel in the audit’s Classification Management module. The Ga. Dept. of Defense was also one of the three highest scoring agencies across all audit modules in FY2014. This significant achievement indicated an excellent overall understanding of and compliance with Human Resources laws, regulations, rules, and best practices.

Under Mrs. Bruce’s leadership, the Ga. Dept. of Defense enhanced its Classification Management program approximately 10 years ago. The Ga. Dept. of Defense uses objective documented data to support position classification decisions. When classifying positions, the Ga. Dept. of Defense reviews accurate job descriptions and interviews managers to confirm the duties and responsibilities assigned to positions. The Ga. Dept. of Defense reviews where positions fit within the agency’s organizational structure and State government as a whole, and also considers how counterpart organizations are classifying positions with similar roles and responsibilities.

In keeping with best practices, the Ga. Dept. of Defense reviews current positions for both proper classification and FLSA status when there have been significant changes in job duties. The Ga. Dept. of Defense also ensures positions are properly classified before advertising a vacancy.

Sandra Bruce has found the Ga. Dept. of Defense classification program to be effective and says she plans to “stick with it.”

As to her experience with the audit, Mrs. Bruce valued participating in the FY 2014 HR Audit so much that she has even volunteered to be on the list for FY 2015 audit.

For more information on how to make the most of these HR audits, contact the Human Resources Administration at DOAS: