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2022 State Holidays

Governor Brian P. Kemp recently announced the official 2022 State Holidays. Please refer to this holiday schedule for dates when the Capitol and state agencies will be closed in 2022.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety Joins Marine Corps Reserve for Toys For Tots 2015

Spread holiday cheer this season by helping the Georgia Department of Public Safety and Marine Corps Reserve collect toys for needy children!

Collection boxes are being placed at Department of Public Safety locations throughout the state.  Donated toys should be new and unwrapped, and may be dropped off at Georgia State Patrol posts between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays.  Additional collection sites are in the lobby at the Georgia Department of Public Safety Headquarters on East Confederate Avenue in Atlanta and the Capitol Police Services office at: 180 Central Avenue near the Georgia State Capitol.

Donations will stay in the county in which the donation was received, allowing donations to benefit children in the local community.

Thank you for helping to make the holiday season bright for kids in need!

Memorial Day 2014


Before we take a day of rest this Monday, let us first remember and appreciate the fallen American heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. These selfless, courageous men and women relinquished everything they had in life to ensure that you and I could enjoy the freedoms we celebrate on this occasion.

So, before you fire up the grill or head out to a parade, take special effort to remember and thank the American heroes who made it all possible.

In particular, keep in your thoughts the six brave Georgians who fell in the line of duty this past last year:

Spc. Hilda I. Clayton, 22 Yrs. – July 2, 2013 (Augusta, Ga.)

Sgt. Stefan M. Smith, 24 Yrs. – July 23, 2013 (Glennville, Ga.)

Staff Sgt. Eric T. Lawson, 24 Yrs. – July 27, 2013 (Stockbridge, Ga.)






Staff Sgt. Joshua Bowden, 28 Yrs. – Aug. 31, 2013 (Villa Rica, Ga.)

Sgt. Joshua J. Strickland, 23 Yrs. – Sept. 21, 2013 (Woodstock, Ga)

Sgt. 1st Class Omar W. Forde, 23 Yrs. – Dec. 18, 2013 (Marietta)






Let us also take an extra moment to honor the rest of our fallen heroes from Georgia who fought and died in Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. These departed were our neighbors, our friends and our family, and they will never be forgotten:


3/23/03 Army Spc Jamaal R. Addison, 22 y.o. Lithonia, GA
3/29/03 Army Pfc Michael R. Creighton Weldon, 20 y.o. Conyers, GA
3/29/03 Army Pfc Diego Fernando Rincon, 19 y.o. Conyers, GA
4/03/03 Army Cpt Edward J. Korn, 31 y.o. Savannah, GA
5/14/03 Army Spc David T. Nutt, 32 y.o. Blackshear, GA
6/12/03 Army Spc John K. Klinesmith, 25 y.o. Stockbridge, GA
7/14/03 Army Sgt Michael T. Crockett, 27 y.o. Soperton, GA
7/28/03 Army Sgt Nathaniel Hart Jr., 29 y.o. Valdosta, GA
8/20/03 Army Staff Sgt Bobby C. Franklin, 38 y.o. Mineral Bluff, GA
10/13/03 Army Pfc 2 Benjamin L. Freeman, 19 y.o. Valdosta, GA
11/23/03 Army Comm Sgt Maj Jerry L. Wilson, 45 y.o. Thomson, GA
12/11/03 Army Spc Marshall L. Edgerton, 27 y.o. Rocky Face, GA
12/17/03 Army Spc Christopher J. Holland, 26 y.o. Brunswick, GA


1/08/04 Army Spc Nathaniel H. Johnson, 22 y.o. Augusta, GA
1/12/04 Army Staff Sgt Ricky L. Crockett, 37 y.o. Broxton, GA
3/15/04 Army Sgt William J. Normandy, 42 y.o. Augusta, GA
3/16/04 Army Master Sgt Thomas R. Thigpen Sr., 52 y.o. Augusta, GA
4/02/04 Army Pfc William R. Strange, 19 y.o. Adrian, GA
4/10/04 Air Force Airman 1st Class Antoine J. Holt, 20 y.o. Kennesaw, GA
4/10/04 Army Spc Justin W. Johnson, 22 y.o. Rome, GA
4/17/04 Army Spc Marvin A. Campo Siles, 25y.o. Austell, GA
4/27/04 Army Pfc Marquis A. Whitaker, 20 y.o. Columbus, GA
4/30/04 Navy Equip. Op. 3rd Class Christopher M. Dickerson, 33 y.o. Eastman, GA
6/21/04 Marine Lance Cpl Juan Lopez, 22 y.o. Whitfield, GA
9/16/04 Army 1st Lt Tyler H. Brown, 26 y.o. Atlanta, GA
9/16/04 Army Sgt Foster Pinkston, 47 y.o. Warrenton, GA
9/20/04 Army SOF Sgt Robert S. Goodwin, 35 y.o. Albany, GA
10/30/04 Marine Sgt Kelley L. Courtney, 28 y.o. Macon, GA
10/30/04 Marine Lance Cpl Michael P. Scarborough, 28 y.o. Washington, GA
11/10/04 Marine 1st Lt Dan T. Malcom Jr., 25 y.o. Brinson, GA
11/12/04 Army Sgt Jonathan B. Shields, 25 y.o. Atlanta, GA
12/12/04 Marine Lance Cpl Jeffrey S. Blanton, 23 y.o. Fayetteville, GA


1/04/05 Army Sgt Bennie Washington, 25 y.o. Atlanta, GA
1/17/05 Army Pfc Jesus Fonseca Jr., 19 y.o. Marietta, GA
1/26/05 Marine Lance Cpl Darrell J. Schumann, 25 y.o. Flowery Branch, GA
2/14/05 Army Sgt 1st Class David J. Salie, 34 y.o. Columbus, GA
4/12/05 Army Cpl Taylor J. Dickens, 20 y.o. Columbus, GA
5/02/05 Army Sgt John E. McGee, 36 y.o. Columbus, GA
5/14/05 Army Sgt Charles C. Gillican III, 35 y.o. Brunswick, GA
6/18/05 Army Cpl William A. Long, 26 y.o. Lilburn, GA
6/18/05 Army 1st Lt Noah Harris, 23 y.o. Ellijay, GA
6/30/05 Army Sgt Chad M. Mercer, 25 y.o. Waycross, GA
7/21/05 Navy Hosp. Corp. 3rd Class Travis L. Youngblood, 26 y.o. Surrency, GA
7/24/05 Army Sgt John F. Thomas, 33 y.o. Valdosta, GA
7/24/05 Army Sgt James O. Kinlow, 35 y.o. Thomson, GA
7/24/05 Army Staff Sgt Carl R. Fuller, 44 y.o. Covington, GA
7/24/05 Army Spc Jacques E. Brunson, 30 y.o. Americus, GA
7/27/05 Army Spc Benyahmin B. Yahudah, 24 y.o. Bogart, GA
7/30/05 Army Sgt 1st Class Victor A. Anderson, 39 y.o. Ellaville, GA
7/30/05 Army Sgt Ronnie L. Shelley, 34 y.o. Valdosta, GA
7/30/05 Army Staff Sgt David R. Jones Sr., 45 y.o. Augusta, GA
7/30/05 Army Sgt Jonathon C. Haggin, 26 y.o. Kingsland, GA
8/03/05 Army Spc Mathew V. Gibbs, 21 y.o. Ambrose, GA
8/03/05 Army Sgt 1st Class Charles H. Warren, 36 y.o. Duluth, GA
8/03/05 Army Spc Jerry L. Ganey Jr., 29 y.o. Folkston, GA
8/04/05 Army Pvt John M. Henderson, 21 y.o. Columbus, GA
8/11/05 Army Capt. Jeremy A. Chandler , 28 y.o. Richmond Hill, GA
8/15/05 Army Sgt Thomas J. Strickland, 27 y.o. Douglasville, GA
8/15/05 Army Sgt Paul A. Saylor, 21 y.o. Norcross, GA
8/15/05 Army Spc Joshua P. Dingler, 19 y.o. Hiram, GA
8/16/05 Army Sgt Michael J. Stokely, 23 y.o. Sharpsburg/Loganville, GA
8/29/05 Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dennis P. Hay, 32 y.o. Valdosta, GA
9/01/05 Army Sgt George R. Draughn Jr., 29 y.o. Decatur, GA
9/01/05 Army Staff Sgt Robert L. Hollar Jr., 35 y.o. Griffin, GA
10/20/05 Army Staff Sgt Dennis P. Merck, 38 y.o. Evans, GA
10/30/05 Marine Staff Sgt Joel P. Dameron, 27 y.o. Ellabell, GA
11/11/05 Army Sgt Tyrone L. Chisholm, 27 y.o. Savannah, GA
11/20/05 Navy Steel Worker 3rd Class Emory J. Turpin, 23 y.o. Dahlonega, GA
11/30/05 Marine Cpl William G. Taylor, 26 y.o. Macon, GA
12/02/05 Army Spc Marcus S. Futrell, 20 y.o. Macon, GA
12/02/05 Army Staff Sgt Philip L. Travis, 41 y.o. Snellville, GA
12/02/05 Army Sgt Philip A. Dodson, 42 y.o. Forsyth, GA
12/15/05 Army Spc Joseph A. Lucas, 23 y.o. Augusta, GA
12/26/05 Army Sgt Dominic R. Coles, 25 y.o. Jesup, GA


1/13/06 Navy Ops. 1st Class Michael A. Jordon, 35 y.o. Augusta, GA
1/20/06 Army Staff Sgt Rickey Scott, 30 y.o. Columbus, GA
1/23/06 Marine Lance Cpl Joshua A. Scott, 24 y.o. Tunnel Hill, GA
2/17/06 Army Sgt 1st Class Amos C. Edwards Jr., 41 y.o. Savannah, GA
2/17/06 Marine Lance Cpl Samuel W. Large, 21 y.o. Villa Rica, GA
4/02/06 Marine Lance Cpl Kun Y. Kim, 20 y.o. Atlanta, GA
4/09/06 Army Spc David S. Collins, 24 y.o. Jasper, GA
5/15/06 Army Staff Sgt Marion Flint Jr., 29 y.o. Athens, GA
6/09/06 Navy Hospitalman Zachary M. Alday, 22 y.o. Donaldsonville, GA
6/23/06 Army Spc Channing G. Singletary, 30 y.o. Sylvester, GA
9/19/06 Army 1st Lt Ashley Henderson Huff, 23 y.o. Savannah, GA
9/23/06 Army Staff Sgt Carlos Dominguez, 57 y.o. Savannah, GA
9/23/06 Army Pfc Kenneth E. Kincaid IV, 25 y.o. Lilburn, GA
9/28/06 Marine Lance Cpl James Chamroeun, 20 y.o. Union City, GA
10/02/06 Army Staff Sgt James D. Ellis, 25 y.o. Valdosta, GA
10/02/06 Army Spc Justin R. Jarrett, 21 y.o. Jonesboro, GA
10/06/06 Marine Lance Cpl Stephen F. Johnson, 20 y.o. Marietta, GA
11/09/06 Marine Lance Cpl Kristopher C. Warren, 19 y.o. Resaca, GA
11/13/06 Army Pfc Daniel J. Allman II, 20 y.o. Canon, GA
11/21/06 Army Command Sgt Maj Donovan E. Watts, 46 y.o. Atlanta, GA
12/25/06 Army Sgt 1st Class Dexter E. Wheelous, 37 y.o. Winder, GA
12/25/06 Army Capt Hayes Clayton, 29 y.o. Georgia


1/20/07 Army Cpl Victor M. Langarica, 29 y.o. Decatur, GA
2/01/07 Marine Cpl Richard O. Quill III, 22 y.o. Roswell, GA
2/17/07 Army Spc Christopher K. Boone, 34 y.o. Augusta, GA
3/11/07 Army Spc Jonathon K. Smith, 19 y.o. Atlanta, GA
3/14/07 Army Cpl Brian L. Chevalier, 21 y.o. Athens, GA
3/15/07 Army Staff Sgt Blake M. Harris, 27 y.o. Hampton, GA
4/06/07 Navy EOD 1st Class Diver Joseph A. McSween, 26 y.o. Valdosta, GA
4/23/07 Army Sgt Randell T. Marshall, 22 y.o. Fitzgerald, GA
4/23/07 Army Spc Jerry R. King, 19 y.o. Browersville, GA
4/28/07 Army Staff Sgt Michael R. Hullender, 29 y.o. Lilburn GA
5/06/07 Army Sgt Jason R. Harkins, 25 y.o. Cleveland, GA
5/14/07 Marine Cpl Jeffrey D. Walker, 21 y.o. Macon, GA
5/21/07 Army Sgt Brian D. Ardron, 32 y.o. Kennesaw, GA
5/22/07 Army Pfc Robert A. Worthington, 19 y.o. Jackson, GA
6/11/07 Air Force Lt Col Glade L. Felix, 52 y.o. Lake Park, GA
6/20/07 Marine Staff Sgt Stephen J. Wilson, 28 y.o. Duluth, GA
6/20/07 Army Staff Sgt Darren P. Hubbell, 38 y.o. Tifton, GA
6/23/07 Air Force Airman 1st Class Jason D. Nathan, 22 y.o. Macon, GA
7/01/07 Marine Lance Cpl William C. Chambers, 20 y.o. Ringgold, GA
7/06/07 Army Sgt Gene L. Lamie, 25 y.o. Homerville, GA
7/07/07 Army Sgt Jerry L. Deloach, 45 y.o. Jackson, GA
7/15/07 Army Sgt Benjamin B. Bartlett Jr., 25 y.o. Manchester, GA
7/18/07 Army Spc Daniel E. Gomez, 21 y.o. Warner Robins, GA
8/02/07 Army Spc Cristian Rojas-Gallego, 24 y.o. Loganville, GA
8/22/07 Army Capt Corry P. Tyler, 29 y.o. Woodbine, GA
8/22/07 Army Spc Edger E. Cardenas, 34 y.o. Lilburn, GA
8/29/07 Marine Cpl John C. Tanner, 21 y.o. Columbus, GA
9/01/07 Army Spc Christopher G. Patton, 21 y.o. Lawranceville, GA
9/10/07 Army Sgt Michael C. Hardegree, 21 y.o. Villa Rica, GA
9/21/07 Army Spc John J. Young, 24 y.o. Savannah, GA
9/22/07 Army Cpl Joshua H. Reeves, 26 y.o. Watkinsville, GA
10/22/07 Navy Master-at-Arms Seaman Genesia M. Gresham, 19 y.o. Lithonia
12/11/07 Army Staff Sgt Gregory L. Elam, 39 y.o. Columbus, GA


1/02/08 Navy Info Syst Tech 2nd Class Menelek M. Brown, 24 y.o. East Point, GA
1/19/08 Marine Lance Cpl James M. Gluff, 20 y.o. Tunnel Hill, GA
1/28/08 Army Cpl Evan A. Marshall, 21 y.o. Athens, GA
2/05/08 Army Staff Sgt Donald T. Tabb, 29 y.o. Norcross, GA
2/05/08 Army Cpl Miguel A. Baez, 32 y.o. Bonaire, GA
2/10/08 Army Sgt Corey E. Spates, 21 y.o. La Grange, GA
4/15/08 Marine 1st Sgt Luke J. Mercardante, 35 y.o. Athens, GA
4/24/08 Army Staff Sgt Shaun J. Whitehead, 24 y.o. Commerce, GA
5/18/08 Army Master Sgt Davy N. Weaver, 39 y.o. Barnesville, GA
6/10/08 Army Sgt Steve A. McCoy, 23 y.o. Moultrie, GA
7/13/08 Army SOF Master Sgt Mitchell W. Young, 39 y.o. Jonesboro, GA
7/13/08 Army Cpl Jonathon R. Ayers, 24 y.o. Snellville, GA
7/13/08 Army Cpl Matthew B. Phillips, 27 y.o. Jasper, GA
9/20/08 Navy Crypt. Tech 3rd Class Matthew J. O’Bryant, 22 y.o. Duluth, GA
11/06/08 Army Pfc Theron V. Hobbs, 22 y.o. Albany, GA
11/21/08 Army 1st Lt William K. Jernigan, 35 y.o. Doraville, GA
12/16/08 Army Pvt Colman J. Meadows III, 19 y.o. Senioa, GA


4/24/09 Army Command Sgt Maj Benjamin Moore Jr., 43 y.o. Waycross, GA
5/01/09 Army Spc Ryan C. King, 22 y.o. Dallas, GA
5/29/09 Army Pvt Thomas E. Lee III, 20 y.o. Dalton, GA
6/04/09 Army Sgt Jeffrey W. Jordon, 21 y.o. Rome, GA
6/04/09 Army Sgt 1st Class John C. Beale, 39 y.o. Riverdale, GA
6/04/09 Army Maj Kevin M. Jenrette, 37 y.o. Lula, GA
6/20/09 Army 1st Sgt John D. Blair, 38 y.o. Calhoun, GA
7/02/09 Marine Lance Cpl Charles S. Sharp, 20 y.o. Adairsville, GA
7/06/09 Army Spc Issac L. Johnson, 24 y.o. Columbus, GA
7/06/09 Army Sgt Brock H. Chavers, 25 y.o. Bulloch, GA
7/20/09 Army Spc Anthony M. Lightfoot, 20 y.o. Riverdale, GA
7/21/09 Army Spc Raymundo P. Morales, 34 y.o. Dalton, GA
8/07/09 Marine Capt Matthew C. Freeman, 29 y.o. Richmond Hill, GA
9/08/09 Air Force 1st Lt Joseph D. Helton, 24 y.o. Monroe, GA
9/08/09 Marine Gunnery Sgt Edwin W. Johnson, 31 y.o. Columbus, GA
9/08/09 Marine Staff Sgt Aaron M. Kenefick, 30 y.o. Roswell, GA
9/16/09 Army SOF Sgt 1st Class Shawn P. McCloskey, 33 y.o. Peachtree, GA
9/30/09 Army Staff Sgt Alex French IV, 31 y.o. Milledgeville, GA
10/03/09 Army Staff Sgt Vernon W. Martin, 25 y.o. Savannah, GA
10/26/09 Army CWO 4 Michael P. Montgomery 36 y.o. Savannah, GA
11/22/09 Army Sgt Briand T. Williams, 25 y.o. Sparks, GA
12/11/09 Army Pfc Jaiciae L. Pauley, 29 y.o. Austell, GA


1/1/10 Army Spc Brushaun X. Anderson, 20 y.o. Columbus, GA
2/15/10 Marine Pfc. Jason H. Estopinal, 21 y.o. Dallas, GA
3/1/10 Army Spc Matthew D. Huston, 24 y.o. Athens, GA
3/8/10 Army Sgt Lakeshia M. Bailey 23 y.o. Columbus, GA
4/7/10 Army 1st LT Robert W. Collins, 24 y.o. Tyrone, GA
4/18/10 Army Staff Sgt. James R. Patton 23 y.o. Fort Benning, GA
6/1/10 Army Jonathan K. Peney, 22 y.o. Marietta, GA
6/26/10 Army Spc. David A. Holmes, 34 y.o. Tennille, GA
6/26/10 Marine Lance Cpl. William T. Richards, 20 y.o. Trenton, GA
7/2/10 Army Sgt Johnny W. Lumpkin, 38 y.o. Columbus, GA
7/3/10 Army Pfc Jacob A. Dennis, 22 y.o. Powder Springs, GA
7/13/10 Army Staff Sgt Sheldon L. Tate, 27 y.o. Hinesville, GA
8/17/10 Army Sgt 1st Class Edgar N. Roberts, 39 y.o. Hinesville, GA
8/27/10 Army Pfc Chad D. Coleman, 20 y.o. Moreland, GA
9/01/10 Marine Lance Cpl Christopher B. Rodgers, 20 y.o. Griffin, GA
9/17/10 Marine 1st Lt Scott J. Fleming, 24 y.o. Marietta, GA
9/21/10 Air Force Senior Airman Michael J. Buras, 23 y.o. Fitzgerald, GA
9/21/10 Navy CTRCS David B. McLendon, 30 y.o. Thomasville, GA
10/06/10 Marine Cpl Stephen C. Sockalosky, 21 y.o. Cordele, GA
10/13/10 Marine Lance Cpl Raymon L.A. Johnson, 22 y.o. Midland, GA
11/12/10 Army Spc Shannon Chihuahua, 25 y.o. Thomasville, GA
11/29/10 Army Pfc Austin G. Staggs, 19 y.o. Senoia, GA


1/07/11 Marine Lance Cpl Joseph R. Giese, 24 y.o. Winder, GA
3/29/11 Army Pvt Jeremy P. Falkner, 23 y.o. Griffin, GA
4/05/11 Army Spc Gary L. Nelson III, 20 y.o. Woodstock, GA
4/15/11 Army Spc Cynthia R. Taylor, 39 y.o. Columbus, GA
6/29/11 Army Spc Robert G. Tenney, 29 y.o. Warner Robins, GA
7/31/11 Army Pfc Brice M. Scott, 22 y.o. Columbus, GA
8/05/11 Army Spc Mark J. Downer, 23 y.o. Warner Robins, GA
9/10/11 Army Staff Sgt Keith F. Rudd, 36 y.o. Tucker, GA
9/28/11 Marine Lance Cpl John R. Wimpey Cagle, 19 y.o. Tucker, GA
9/29/11 Army Spc Adrian G. Mills, 23 y.o. Newnan, GA
10/13/11 Marine Lance Cpl Scott D. Harper 21 y.o. Winston, GA


2/18/12 Air Force Capt Nicholas S. Whitlock, 29 y.o. Newnan, GA
3/29/12 Army Pfc Johnathon F. Davis, 20 y.o. Griffin, GA
4/22/12 Army 1st Lt Jonathon P. Walsh, 28 y.o. Kennesaw, GA
5/26/12 Marine Lance Cpl Steven G. Sutton, 24 y.o. Leesburg, GA
5/31/12 Army Staff Sgt Alexander G. Povilaitis Jr., 47 y.o. Dawsonville, GA
6/07/12 Army Pfc Brandon D. Goodine, 20 y.o. Luthersville, GA
7/08/12 Army Spc Erica P. Alecksen, 21 y.o. Eatonton, GA
8/08/12 Air Force Maj Walter D. Gray, 38 y.o. Conyers, GA