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Which 2014 bills were signed into law?

The bill signing period for the 2014 Legislative Session has concluded.

Governor Deal had three options when reviewing bills and resolutions sent to his desk. He could sign or veto each lithuanian webcams xxx bill, or free online anal sex stories he could choose to do neither. Unlike the president, the governor doesn’t have a “pocket veto.” If he does nothing, the bill becomes law without his signature. An actual veto is required to kill a bill that was sent to him. Last year, Gov. Deal vetoed five bills. This year, he vetoed 10.

To see a complete list of all legislation that Gov. Nathan Deal signed, click here. You can find an explanation of some of the new laws on

To see a list of the bills Gov. Deal vetoed, click here.

Teacher Appreciation Week in Georgia

In addition to it being State Employee Recognition Week, it is also Teacher Appreciation Week!

In the face of challenging economic times, the educators of Georgia have managed to raise the level of student achievement in the state of Georgia to some of its highest marks ever. Here’s to you, teachers — we can’t thank you enough!

Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week, Gov. Nathan Deal recorded the above video message to thank every Georgia teacher for their commitment to our children’s future, and Dr. John Barge, State School Superintendent, penned a special poem to express his thanks.

State Agencies Deliver Winter Storm Internal Review and Action Plan

On Tuesday, Gov. Nathan Deal received the internal review and action plan he ordered from state agency heads involved in emergency response during the winter storm of Jan. 26-30.

“Our state experienced two severe winter storms in two weeks, events that tested the resilience and preparedness of all Georgians,” Deal said. “Following the first storm, I implemented immediate action items as well as initiated an internal review by state agency heads. The action items paid off. Our state for the second storm was more informed and prepared through the cellphones alerts, emails to school superintendents and consultations with local meteorologists. The safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance, and this report will play a key role in shaping the way our state government agencies prepare for and prevent dangerous winter weather situations.”

State agency heads from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation met to examine the events of the winter storm, which was found to be an extremely unusual circumstance based on data from the National Weather Service.

The report includes short- and long-term solutions, some of which have already been successfully implemented. These solutions include:

  • Implement an immediate action plan, which would overhaul the “Ready Georgia” mobile application, trigger cellphone alerts in times of weather-related emergencies, establish a communications plan with school superintendents and create a weather advisory group with local meteorologists
  • Change laws regarding commercial vehicles, establishing stricter enforcement and punishment of those found in violation of the current state law concerning tire chains and emergency equipment
  • Create strike teams of seven vehicles placed in strategic locations to provide rapid response during weather emergencies
  • Improve GDOT’s ability to respond to emergency weather situations through updated equipment, storage, supply needs and enhancements such as pavement sensors to monitor road conditions
  • Promote operational and procedural enhancements with small incremental costs, including creating a Joint Information Center, coordinate communication with the trucking industry and the full utilization of electronic billboards on highways

In addition to its other duties, the Governor’s Severe Winter Weather Warning and Preparedness Task Force will review the report and make any further recommendations.

Full report here.