Celebrating Asset Management Awareness Month

Commissioner Rebecca Sullivan presents DOAS Surplus Property Division a proclamation issued by Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp recognizing March as Asset Management Awareness Month. The proclamation reaffirms the value DOAS Surplus Property Division and asset management professionals provide in helping the state save resources and reduce costs to taxpayers.

Surplus Property facilitates the disposal and redistribution for billions in personal property assets the State of Georgia oversees. As good stewards of the state’s fixed assets, Surplus Property ensures assets are disposed of in an appropriate and transparent manner. Providing guidance to State agencies in its role, Surplus Property stays abreast of policies and regulations to provide agencies up-to-date industry best practices. Through advocating reuse, reducing, and recycling, Surplus Property makes a difference in the community through its leadership in helping organizations maximize the value of their assets.

View the proclamation.

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