Prepare for Severe Weather

The time of year has arrived during which inclement weather is more likely to impact your ability to operate normally.  The following information outlines the sources of communications that you may rely upon to assist you in related preparations.

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) will notify HR leaders by email and coordinate updates through additional communication sources as follows:

Agencies subject to State Personnel Board rules will find procedures for managing absences and compensation on the DOAS website.

Please coordinate with your internal business units to establish or update the list of employees or work groups that you deem essential to operations during inclement weather or other emergency situations.

Take a minute to review the state’s Inclement Weather Policy, including where to find out about state office closures. You might also want to review the State’s recent advisory on absences due to emergency closures.

You can also prepare for severe weather with planning and safety tips from

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