Outstanding manager

Kay Daniel Laster photo for article pageGeorgia’s Child Support Services employees are cheering for one of their own, Kay Daniel Laster, who has been recognized nationally as an “outstanding manager.”

The National Child Support Enforcement Association selected Kay from a nationwide pool of nominees for her leadership in improving the lives of children through more effective child support enforcement.

Kay, who oversees the Albany and Americus Child Support Services offices, is renowned for stepping in to help manage other offices when vacancies arise. She is a mentor to others, especially newly hired or promoted managers in other offices.

Kay’s team commends her ability to develop others. One employee wrote, “Americus has had to share Kay over the last year with Cordele, but she has allowed me personally to spread my wings and make some decisions that I wouldn’t normally have made if she were in theAmericus office full time. Without me actually realizing it at the time, she has groomed me for the future, possibly in a leadership role. She sees the potential in all staff and gently pushes them to excel.”

Cheers to Kay!

This article was adapted from the Peach State Dispatch newsletter published by the Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services.

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