Georgia State Surplus helps High School Marching Band save nearly $50,000 on instruments

Southeast Bulloch High School Marching Band

Southeast Bulloch High School Marching Band

Known as the “The Swarm,” the 50 or so musicians of the 2011 Southeast Bulloch High School Marching Band recently celebrated three Grand Championships!

Through their diligence, The Swarm had already earned a positive reputation, but to reach the next level of success they needed better instruments. Enter the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS)!

Beginning in July 2011, The Swarm (as well as the Southeast Bulloch Middle School Band) began acquiring military instruments through the DOAS Surplus Property Program.

Over the course of a year, the two schools were allocated 34 instruments for a total transfer fee of $3,400. The condition of the instruments varied, but the fair market value of each far exceeded the fee. The acquisition cost of the instruments, when originally purchased by the federal government, totaled more than $53,000.

“What is beyond measuring in dollars is that during the 2011 marching and competition season, The Swarm went on to win three Grand Championships, often competing against larger, better financed bands,” said Charles Howell, the school’s 2011 Band Booster Club President. “Practice and musical skill are critical factors, but having a quality instrument matters as well. Thanks to DOAS, The Swarm was able to get professional grade instruments that would have normally been out of reach.”

“This is a great example of how the state’s Surplus Property Program can help local government operate more efficiently,” said Steve Ekin, DOAS Director of the Surplus Property Division. “Not only does recycling these items give taxpayers the most out of their original investment, but the low cost opens up doors for government functions with small budgets.”

For more information on Georgia’s Surplus Property Programs, check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

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