Gov. Deal signs FY 2019 budget

On Wednesday, May 2, Gov. Nathan Deal held budget signing ceremonies in Atlanta, Acworth, Blue Ridge, Statesboro and Tifton for next year’s $26 billion state budget. HB 684, the FY 2019 budget, focuses on Deal’s efforts to invest in Georgia’s citizens and its economy through education and transportation initiatives.

HB 684 includes more than $510 million in new funding for K-12 education,  which inlcudes $167 million to fully fund the Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula. Full funding for QBE will provide a stronger foundation for lawmakers and stakeholders to reform this outdated formula to accommodate the needs of today’s students and 21st-century classrooms. The FY 2019 budget also consists of $365 million for the Teachers Retirement System to ensure teachers’ pensions maintain solid financial footing.

Expansion and maintenance of Georgia’s highway system will be supported by $31.6 million in motor fuel funds of the FY 2019 budget. $100 million will go towards bonds to repair, replace and renovate Georgia’s bridge network; along with  $100 million to support local transit systems statewide. This additional funding will create more cohesive governance and planning for transit systems in the metro Atlanta area, while also providing employers with greater mobility to connect with a growing workforce.


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