Department of Driver Services Online License Replacement


Did Summer Vacation Impact Your Driver’s License? 

Replace a License Online and Drive on the Receipt

If you survived summer vacation, but your Georgia driver’s license did not, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) offers a quick and secure online option for having it replaced!  Customers should visit the DDS website at, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to order a replacement saving valuable time and money.

“Summer is our busiest time of year, so why come in to a center if you don’t have to?” asked DDS Commissioner Bert Brantley.  “A replacement license (or ID) is typically mailed out in just a few days.  And we will provide a receipt that you can print and legally drive with, eliminating any reason to visit in person for this service.”


DDS will use your stored photo to produce a replacement license and mail it to your address on file. Many customers do not realize that the printed receipt, printed during your DDS Online Services Transaction, serves as temporary proof of the replaced Georgia license or permit. Customers may continue to legally drive until the replacement arrives typically within a week or two.

Data from June 2016 shows that DDS issued 31,839 replacement licenses (and ID cards) for customers.  Of that number, only 5,321 were done online.

“We see way too many Georgians waiting at our centers when they could have performed their service online,” Brantley added. “By using our online services, not only do you save time, but those that have to come in to a center will save time as well.”

Being able to drive using the online receipt until the updated license is received should provide customers a stronger level of confidence in using DDS Online Services to replace a license.  Plus, online replacement of a license or ID also has the added benefits of saving gasoline and absences from work and/or school.

For customers who must visit in person, please visit the DDS website at  to Skip a Step!  Completing the required paperwork before a visit will ensure better service when you arrive.

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