What a deal for state agencies!

State Offices South at Tift College may be home to the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), but it’s also open to other state agencies.  The campus has space available for ceremonies, meetings, training and conferences.  Space ranges from a 15 person conference room to an auditorium that accommodates 675 people.  And, there is no cost for conference room rental and parking!

Once a dormant 40 acre college campus in Forsyth, Tift College is now home to GDC. It’s now called State Offices South at Tift College (SOSTC) and located 65 miles south of Atlanta.  The Georgia Corrections Academy opened on campus in January 2010 and Atlanta’s Central Office staff began filling office space in November 2010.  The move south was complete in August when GDC opened its Fleet Services Facility in Forsyth.

Starting in 2006, the campus underwent $45 million in renovations with help from GDC’s inmate labor force.  The campus includes 225,000 square feet of building space, with the oldest building dating back to 1883.   

For information about conference room space, contact Donna McCullough at mcculd03@dcor.state.ga.us

More information about the history of Tift College and its transformation to SOSTC can be found at: www.dcor.state.ga.us/NewsRoom/Publications/Tift.html.  And, if you ever find yourself in the Monroe County area, feel free to stop by for a tour.

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