You can still sign up for PeachCare for Kids

The children of state employees may now apply for lower-cost healthcare coverage under PeachCare for Kids®.  If you have children currently covered under the State Health Benefit Plan, for a limited time you may apply for PeachCare for Kids® and bypass the standard six-month waiting penalty.

Review the state employee eligibility requirements and use the online calculator to see if your children qualify.  Submit an application during this special enrollment period, no later than June 30, 2012, for the opportunity to receive coverage beginning the month after you are determined eligible for the program.

After this special enrollment period, the six-month penalty will be enforced prior to approval for PeachCare for Kids® insurance if parents voluntarily drop their health insurance.  The six-month requirement may be waived if approved because of financial hardship.

If you meet eligibility requirements, PeachCare for Kids® can significantly reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs.  Some advantages include  low-cost or no co-pays or deductibles, free dental and vision care, no cost for eligible children under age six and coverage for children up to age 19.  This may save you more than $200 a month!

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