Beth’s tips: Make the most of your performance self-evaluation

It’s time for annual performance reviews, and you have the option to write a self-evaluation.

A well-written self-evaluation helps your manager know what you’ve done and how you’ve contributed to the agency’s success. If there are aspects of your performance that you aren’t happy about, you can address them in your own way.

You can also make sure you and your manager have the same expectations about your work. If there are gaps, you can have an informed conversation to clarify expectations and how to meet them next year.

Follow these tips to reap the benefits of this important process.

1.  Review expectations. Look back at the goals and responsibilities your manager assigned at the beginning of the year, plus additional assignments made during the year. Most employees can print the last performance plan from the ePerformance system.

2.  List accomplishments. Provide specific, honest and measurable examples of your work related to your goals and responsibilities.

  • Don’t write: “I worked really hard on this project.”
  • Do write: “I rolled out the project two weeks ahead of schedule.”
  • Don’t write: “My customers are always satisfied with my results.”
  • Do write: “I received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the customer service survey.”

3.  List additional accomplishments. Add specific examples of things you did over and above what was expected or assigned.

4.  Summarize. End with a paragraph outlining your strengths, development needs and how you feel about your contributions to the agency’s goals.

Contact your agency’s human resources office for information on your agency’s specific performance management requirements and guidelines.

Beth Valenta is the performance management program manager for the Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Administration division (effective July 1, 2012).

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