Six tips for productive telework

Are you ready to telework?  The Clean Air Campaign offers these tips to help you maximize your productivity.

1.  Start with a plan: Make a list of things to do throughout the day and include a timeline to help you stay focused. 

2.  Stay organized: Keep your workspace free of the clutter that tends to build up at home, like mail, games, magazines, etc.

3.  Stay connected: Make sure that you are easily accessible by phone, e-mail and/or instant messaging. Check messages often. Touch base with your teammates and supervisor to inform them of your progress.

4.  Minimize distractions: Dedicate a quiet place where you can focus on your work. Avoid working in a noisy spot or in front of the TV.

5.  Charge up: Make sure you keep up the charge in your cell phone and laptop so you can continue to work even if you temporarily lose power.

6.  Set limits: Set a starting and ending time for work. When the day is over, wrap up and enjoy some family time or “me” time.

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