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State Employee Recognition Week

State Employee Recognition Week began May 4th and runs through Saturday, May 10th. State Employee Recognition Day is Wednesday, May 7th.

This week is a time set-aside to honor the thousands of dedicated individuals who make up the State’s workforce, who make a difference in the well-being of nearly 10 million Georgians, every day.

Agencies across the state are planning activities to show appreciation to their employees for their contributions to public service and to recognize the achievements of state employees in the workplace and in our communities.

Please take a moment to read Governor Nathan Deal’s letter recognizing and thanking you for your efforts, and here’s the 2014 State Employee Recognition Week Proclamation.

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services has provided this Guide for state agencies looking to make the most of State Employee Recognition Week. Take a look and see what you can do at your office to mark the occasion!

Impact of Federal Government Shutdown on Georgia State Government

Federal Government Shutdown in Georgia

At the National Level:
On Tuesday, October 1, Congress announced a partial federal government shutdown. Congressional leaders were unable to form a cohesive agreement about certain aspects of the federal budget, resulting in 800,000 federal employees being put on immediate furlough. The United States Office of Personnel Management has issued guidance on this furlough process.

Will Georgia be hurt by this federal stalemate?
State governments are still open and running normally. The Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) says that it has instructed state agencies to manage their budgets carefully in case of a potential extended shutdown. State agencies should be able to survive unfalteringly without federal dollars for a few weeks, but they will be keeping an eye on the situation no matter what.

Official statement from OPB:
We are hopeful that Congressional leaders will work together to quickly resolve the budget impasse on the federal fiscal year 2014 budget; however, we have taken steps at the state level to be prepared in the event of an extended shutdown.  We have asked our state agencies to manage their budgets with available dollars and to be prepared to curtail federally funded activities until the federal budget is enacted.  The state does not anticipate using state dollars to fill any lapses in federal funding unless there is a critical life or safety activity that must continue despite the shutdown. 

Agencies should be able to manage a short lapse in federal funds without major disruptions to state services, but a shutdown lasting several weeks could have a larger impact on agency activities and budgets.  We will also be closely watching revenues as there could be an impact to state tax collections resulting from furloughing federal employees and contractors.  OPB will continue to work with our federal partners to monitor the situation and are hopeful for a speedy resolution to the debate.

Agency heads, fiscal officers, human resources managers, and payroll managers should seek guidance from this attached memorandum for agencies regarding policies for furloughing federally funded employees during the federal shutdown.

Article drafted by Bethany McDaniel, content specialist for Georgia.Gov.