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Four mobile apps you might have overlooked – provided by Georgia’s State Agencies!

Some of Georgia’s state agencies are beginning to leverage mobile apps as a way for citizens to understand and have access to important information and initiatives. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Georgia 529, and the Department of Administrative Services have all developed their own respective mobile apps.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently launched its Drive Sober app. With this app, people incapable of driving because they have had too much to drink can instantly find nearby sober and safe driving options, such as a listing of all free taxi and other anti-DUI services. The app, available for download on both Apple and Android smartphones, provides listings of cab companies, tow companies and other organizations committed to keeping drunk drivers off the road.

GEMA partnered with the Department of Public Health (DPH) to create the Ready Georgia mobile app, which helps residents plan, prepare and stay informed for emergencies. The mobile app is particularly important for people wanting to receive news about changes in the weather, and it provides localized severe weather alerts from GEMA and DPH in the event of other emergencies, such as terrorist attacks, infectious diseases or biological threats.

Georgia 529 created a smartphone app that provides Georgia families with easy, anytime access to manage their college savings plans. The Path2College mobile app allows account holders of Georgia’s 529 college savings plan the opportunity to calculate their college savings needs and potential tax savings while on-the-go. The app keeps track of savings and spending, provides insight into effective preparation for rising college costs, and creates a plan that can help parents carefully manage their money until their child goes to college.

DOAS recently launched the Team Georgia Directory mobile app. This smartphone app is an index of more than 100 state agencies and executive offices, and puts the most up-to-date state contact information at your fingertips. It provides a range of information, including: facility locations, website addresses, and phone numbers and email addresses of 1,300 state leaders of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.

When state agencies create mobile apps such as these and offer them free of charge, they allow customers easier and faster access to important services and products.