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2015-16 SCCP Campaign is Underway!

LaToya Wimbush, State SCCP Coordinator

Each year, Georgia’s State employees donate more than a million dollars of their own money to local charities through the State Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP). The giving period for this year’s campaign began in September and will go through November 15th. With more than 1,300 charities supporting education, health, welfare, and environmental services, State employees have the opportunity to give back and make an impact and difference in our communities!

To learn more about SCCP and the various charities, or to pledge a donation, please log-on to the GASCCP Website.

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Georgia’s state employees donate $1.39 million to charity in FY14

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On June 18, 2014 the Georgia Department of Administrative Services recognized the outstanding achievements of 21 agencies and members of the University System of Georgia at the annual State Charitable Contributions Program awards ceremony.

SCCP was established in 1982 by the Georgia General Assembly and the awards recognize the significant achievements of participating agencies. In the last 17 years, the program has raised more than $43 million to help support local and nationwide charities.  More than 100 independent charities and federations participate in the SCCP and more than 114,000 state employees are eligible to participate.  Last fall, more than $1.39 million was pledged across the state.

Sid Johnson, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, hosted the awards ceremony, welcoming Frank W. Berry, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, as the keynote speaker.  Commissioner Berry served as the Honorary Chair of the 2013/14 SCCP campaign and spoke at length about his experiences over the last year traveling to other agencies for their SCCP events.

“You start to see and meet people who have a common cause,” explained Commissioner Berry. “I never really realized there was such a large numbers of others who have such a desire to help their fellow person.  To me, you all epitomize the concept of helping people and getting others to want to be public servants.”

Commissioner Johnson announced that the honorary chair for the 2014/15 campaign will be Commissioner Gretchen Corbin of the Department of Community Affairs.

Appointed in 2013, Commissioner Corbin hit the ground running as a champion of SCCP by immediately getting involved with DCA’s SCCP team headed by Haley Allison, whose efforts resulted in an unprecedented three awards: highest dollar increase, highest employee participation and runner-up to the largest contributions total for their classification.

The 2014/15 campaign will run from September 1 until October 31, 2014 with the theme “Looking Forward, Giving Back.”

“The bar has already been raised [by Commissioner Berry], and I’m sure she’ll raise it even higher,” said Commissioner Johnson.

Other select achievements of the award winners:

  • The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia won the highest honor (the Governor’s Cup) and the largest increase in total for the university system, with a $24,813 year-over-year increase.
  • The Department of Agriculture and Georgia Highlands College were both recognized for their dramatic increase percentage.  Both went from $100 or less campaigns to $1,511 and $1,191, respectively.
  • Georgia Employees Retirement System increased their giving by 32%.
  • Georgia Technology Authority increased giving by almost $7,000 with over 70% participation.
  • State Road and Tollway Authority almost tripled their contributions over the previous year.
  • Department of Corrections increased their giving by 40%.
  • Department of Community Health earned the highest award – the Governor’s Cup – by increasing their contributions by 32%.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology improved upon their already impressive numbers, raising $334,789, almost $12,000 more than the prior campaign.
  • University of Georgia led the pack with an amazing $402,298 total.

Award Winners:

Governor’s Award

Two winners are chosen for each category to represent a state agency and the university system.

Largest Increase in Contributions Total
State Agency – Department of Community Affairs
University System – Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Largest Increase in Contributions by Percentage
State Agency – Department of Agriculture
University System – Georgia Highlands College

Highest Level of Employee Participation
State Agency – Department of Community Affairs
University System – Georgia College and State University

Governor’s Cups 

Winners have the highest contribution per employee and are grouped by employee population.

1-100 Employees:   Georgia Environmental Finance Authority
101-500 Employees:   Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
501-1000 Employees:   Department of Community Health
1001-9000 Employees:   Georgia Institute of Technology
9001 and up Employees:   University of Georgia

Commissioner’s Award

These are the runners-up for the Governor’s Cups and are determined based on the same criteria.

1-100 employees
Georgia Employees Retirement System
State Road and Tollway Authority
Stone Mountain Memorial Association

101-500 employees 
Department of Administrative Services
Georgia Technology Authority
Georgia World Congress Center Authority
State Accounting Office
Department of Community Affairs
Department of Law

501-1000 employees 
Department of Education
Middle Georgia State College

1001 to 9000 employees 
Georgia College and State University
Department of Revenue

9001 and up
Department of Corrections

2013 State Charitable Contributions Program

Give to the SCCP

The State Charitable Contributions Program 2014 Annual Campaign is a convenient and easy way to make an immediate and ongoing difference in the lives of others. Last year, employees of the State of Georgia and the University System pledged over $1.4 million to SCCP charities.

The 2014 Annual Campaign runs from October 1 until November 30, 2013. Choose what causes to support and how to give from more than 1,300 charities using a secure online system or by submitting a paper pledge form. Your ongoing support provides a healthy cash flow for the charities throughout the pledge year and promotes camaraderie in the workplace while strengthening local communities.

Every dollar really does count! Established in 1982, the SCCP has been the annual giving program for state employees for over 30 years. Join the tradition!

Give today and help change tomorrow.

Give online via the appropriate link below or contact your local SCCP coordinator.