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‘Driving Forces’ in the State Senate conclude long careers of service

Jeffrey Foley, Georgia State Senate

The Georgia State Senate could not function properly without the resources provided by the Secretary of the Senate’s Office.

At the head of this cornerstone office is Bob Ewing, Secretary of the Senate, and Jeffrey Foley, Deputy Secretary of the Senate.  They have both dedicated multiple decades as state employees, committing long hours and stressful nights to meet deadlines.  All the while, they have together guided the course for numerous legislative sessions for many freshmen senators, interns and senior staffers alike.

They have been driving forces in the Georgia State Senate.  From aides and interns to senators and lawmakers, when someone has a question on the parliamentary proceedings and legislative management of the Senate, everyone turns to this duo.  While they are often knee-deep buried in paperwork and maintaining the Senate Rules, they still somehow find the time to help others.

Bob Ewing prepares to deliver remarks as his peers pause to honor his retirement from the Georgia Secretary of the Senate’s Office.

Bob began his career with the State of Georgia in 1979 and worked in various positions until being named Secretary of the Senate in 2006.  He gives advice and listens to staff concerns every day; putting their needs first.  He leads with compassion, calmness and a professional manner despite the daunting task of being the Senate custodian of all bills, resolutions, substitutes, amendments, records, papers and official documents filed.

Bob is retiring after 34 years of service to the State of Georgia on June 1, and will leave behind a legacy of diligence and commendable performance.

Jeffery Foley delivers remarks about his retirement in the Georgia Senate Chamber at the end of the 2013 Session.

Jeffrey started his career with the State of Georgia in 1985 and became the Deputy Secretary of Senate in 2006.  Throughout his tenure, he has led others with a gregarious and infectious laughter.  He has been Bob’s right-hand man for years and their friendship extends to an exemplary working relationship.

Jeffrey will be retiring from his post on October 1 after 28 years of service to the State of Georgia.

Every employee for the State of Georgia plays a unique and pivotal role to keep the state operations running.  For those in the Senate, we will all greatly miss the presence of these two great men.

The State of Georgia thanks Bob Ewing and Jeffrey Foley for their service and for all state employees that help keep our state operations working 365 days a year.