Do You Need a Physical Activity Break?

The Capitol Hill Fitness Center at 2 Peachtree is here to serve all state agencies on Capitol Hill. Their team of fitness professionals recognize the challenges that come with exercising at home, and would like to help you by providing some resources to burn calories and take stretch breaks during your day.

Physical activity should be an essential part of our day as it is beneficial for mental and physical health, and it can boost your immune system. The Fitness Center staff put together a couple of workouts that can easily be completed in your home! 

Click the link below and enter the password for a high-intensity Tabata workout or perform the Stretch Break video multiple times a day! 

Tabata with Audrey

Password: phvideo

Stretch Break videoWW Stretch Break.mp4

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Capitol Hill Fitness Center at  

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