Telework offers an alternate route

Employees at the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) participate in a number of commuting alternatives to reduce personal stress as well as congestion on the roads.

Robert Huff and Fredricka Preston

Robert Huff enjoys the ability to telework in his role at GDOT.

“The telework program has provided a respite from the long drive, traffic headaches and growing expense involved with commuting back and forth to work,” says Robert. “The rewards of telework are a reduction in stress and more time to concentrate on providing higher quality work for the department.”

Fredricka Preston, who works in human resources, connects telework to GDOT’s focus on relieving road congestion. “Each day I telework,” notes Fredricka, “on that day there is one less car on the roadway to add to Metro Atlanta’s traffic.”

Kelly Johnson, an HR manager for GDOT, helps coordinate telework, compressed workweeks, flexible schedules and other commuting alternatives for employees.

“The benefits include cost savings, increased productivity, improved motivation, skills retention, organizational flexibility, flexible staffing and enhanced customer service,” reports Kelly.

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