Reduced stress, improved service

Need a state service? Don’t know whom to call?  Dial 1.800.georgia to reach an agent who will connect you to the right place – right from their home!

From top: Anita Lee, Charlin Gardner, Anika Walker and Joe Gray

1.800.georgia agents are among the many state employees who telework. Employees and managers agree it’s a winning solution for all – including customers.

“Telework helps me be more productive by having a quiet surrounding where I can focus more on listening to and helping my customers,” says agent Anita Lee.

Agent Charlin Gardner agrees. “The telework program provides for a more productive work style in that there are no disruptions during my workday, and it allows for a very relaxed, stress-free environment.”

Anika Walker sums up the personal perks that she and her teammates enjoy. “The financial benefits alone are enormous when you factor in the cost of the hours spent on daily commutes, vehicle maintenance and office attire.”

In addition, says Anika, “Simply having the extra time in the mornings and evenings with my children before and after school – due to not having to spend more than two hours daily traveling – is absolutely priceless.”

Manager Joe Gray says telework is a smart business move.

“From my perspective, the business continuity offered by remote work is one of the most significant benefits. If one agent has an outage that causes them not to be able to take calls, the entire center is not affected.”

For example, in January 2011 when Atlanta roads were covered in ice, Joe’s team could continue to work so customers were not affected. Callers could reach 1.800.georgia while other call centers did not have staff on-site to answer phones.

“Agents are happier working from home, based on the feedback they give me, because they avoid the cost and stress of commuting,” says Joe. “Happy employees are better employees.”

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