Recruiter FAQs

As a State of Georgia employee,
how do I get my User ID and password for Team Georgia Careers?

State employees are assigned their employee ID as their User ID and a temporary password on employment. The initial password is the last four numbers of the employee’s Social Security number (SSN) followed by the first four letters of the last name, in all caps, with no punctuation. For example, the password for Chris O’Brian whose SSN ends in 1234 would be 1234OBRI. At the first sign in, employees will be required to change the password.

However, the password protocol for users of the Recruitment Center, now requires a password must have:
1. Minimum of 8 characters
2. At least 1 common letter
3. At least 1 number
4. At least 1 symbol

Are agencies able to post jobs internally only?

The agency can post internally to the state of Georgia; not internally for the agency.

Who is considered a Recruiter?

Recruiters in Team Georgia Careers are individuals identified by their agency to create and post requisitions, move candidates through the selection process, and extend offers and onboarding activities.

What is the difference between a Recruiter and an Advanced Recruiter?

The Recruiter and Advanced Recruiter roles have the same rights and privileges in Team Georgia Careers except for one. The Advanced Recruiter can create and add preferred questions to the Questions Library in Team Georgia Careers.

How does one become an Advanced Recruiter?

The HR Director or the appropriate designated person in an agency will complete the Security Access from in PeopleSoft to assign the Advance Recruiter role. In addition, an employee being designated as an Advanced Recruiter must complete the Advance Recruiter training module in the DOAS Learning Management System before the role can be granted in Team Georgia Careers.

How does get access to the Team Georgia Careers training modules?

Registration is required to access the Dept of Administrative Services Learning Management System (LMS). The request may be sent to the HRA helpdesk at and must include the employee ID, email address, name and agency.

Who is considered a Hiring Manager?

Any employee who has a position reporting to them in TeamWorks is considered a hiring manager and will automatically be granted the Hiring Manager role. However, the role of hiring manager can be assigned through the Security Access form in TeamWorks if appropriate.

What access does the Hiring Managers have in the ATS?

Hiring managers have access to the following:

  1. Create and view requisitions.
  2. View the candidates forwarded by the Recruiter
  3. Approve requisitions once identified as an approver
  4. Set self-assigned tasks
  5. View other requisitions once named as a collaborator
  6. Limited ability to move candidates.  **Check your agency HR department for specific agency policy.

How are the agencies accounts for eQuest handled?

eQuest is the delivered integration to automate the posting of jobs to paid external job boards. Your agency will need to maintain/create a contract with the job boards in order to use eQuest. The agency will continue to pay for their inventory with the job board as is the current process. There will be no additional cost to the agency for the eQuest integration however, the agency will have to contact the job board to obtain login credentials for eQuest integration and provide that information to the Team Georgia Careers Administrators in HRA.

Who determines the roles in the ATS?

All role assignments are determined by the agency. However, the hiring manager role is automatically assigned upon hire through TeamWorks integration.

Is there a list of the roles for users of the ATS?

Yes, this is available in the Recruiter Resources tab.

Does the system knock out applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements?

No.  However, you will be able to see which candidates met the minimum requirements and which did not.  You can sort and filter for those who met the requirements

Will the ATS system be integrated with E-Verify?

Not at this time.

If an applicant applies for a job at one agency,
would their documents be available for another agency?

The Recruiter can access a candidate’s profile and any documents attached to the profile but will not be able to see the jobs the candidate applies for outside of the recruiter’s agency.

Can an agency upload agency-specific forms to the ATS?

Not at this time.  However, agencies can add a link on the offer letter directing the candidates to the agency’s website to access/complete any agency specific documentation.

Would the ATS be able to capture electronic file output for agencies?

Recruiters can export candidate record to PDF.  Additionally, Recruiters can download Candidate detail reports and Requisition activity reports using the reporting functionality in Team Georgia Careers, Oracle Business Intelligence.

Can the initiator of a requisition choose more than one approves for a requisition?

Yes, the system can accommodate multiple approvers.  Approvals are routed sequentially in the order they are added to the approval list.

Can another ATS be integrated with the new ATS?

No.  Integration with another ATS is not possible.

Can the agency see the top candidate’s information and transfer them to the Hiring Manager?

Yes, it will be the Recruiter’s responsibility to identify the top qualified candidates and move them to the hiring manager’s view during the selection process.

If the ACE (Abilities/Certifications/Experience) criteria is set, a rating will be assigned to each candidate based on  their responses to the entry and pre-screening questions to make top candidates easy to identify.

Can a Recruiter build requisitions to be held for future use?

Requisitions may be built and left in the ‘draft’ status until needed.

Is there an option to add statewide to the primary location when creating a requisition?

Yes. Team Georgia Careers currently offers the ability to post jobs with statewide recruitment.

Is there way to screen for current state employees or former employees or to find out if someone was dismissed from the state?

Team Georgia Careers currently requires candidates to declare whether they are or were former State of Georgia employee or if they were dismissed.   However, Team Georgia does not have the ability to verify whether a former employee was dismissed. This is currently a function that must be done in PeopleSoft and this will remain so under Team Georgia Careers.

Are we able to post to certain universities within the university system?

No.  Not at this time.

Can a Recruiter save their own offer letter template?

No. However, offer templates can be edited to better reflect the business needs of the agency.

Can a Recruiter duplicate a requisition?

Yes.  Recruiters can duplicate and modify requisitions before posting.

Can an agency post their position to their own website through Team Georgia Careers?

No.  However, agencies can host a link on their website to a filtered list of their jobs on Team Georgia Careers.   HRA will provide the URLs needed to any agency wishing to use this option.

Can Recruiters have the ability to share candidates across agencies?

Yes, it is possible to share candidates across state agencies if the recipient is another authorized user with the appropriate requisition user role.  **Please check your agency policy on this.

Are Recruiters able to use mobile devices to complete the recruitment process?

Yes, on a limited basis. Oracle is currently in the process of moving to a new platform, Fluid Recruiting, which will allow full mobile recruiting for recruiters by 2020.

Sometimes the format on my job announcement does not appear or is off. How can I fix this?

Occasionally, we see where the format for job descriptions get corrupted after being posted. This is usually a result of hidden codes that might have been inadvertently copied into the job description. If you are experiencing this issue, there are job aides available on our website that will help you navigate this. You may also contact HRA for or the DOAS Helpdesk at for assistance.