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Team Georgia Directory now offers GPS Navigation

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) is pleased to announce that the Team Georgia Directory mobile app now features a GPS solution for citizens looking to navigate to a state government building.

Looking to visit the Capitol? Need to work with the Secretary of State’s Office to answer questions about your LLC? Do you need to meet with the Department of Revenue to resolve a tax issue? Now, with the Team Georgia Directory, not only can you look up the phone numbers or email addresses necessary to make those appointments, you can use the “Map” feature to get directions and navigate directly to that government office.

As with the other options provided by the Team Georgia Directory, the new GPS feature aims to make Georgia’s state government more accessible to citizens. Moreover, because each agency maintains its own contact information, the details are as up-to-date as possible — allowing state agencies to serve up relevant information and fast customer service!

How to use the new feature:

By now, you should already notice the new “Map” option on the details screen of contacts within your Team Georgia Directory mobile app. If not, you may need to check your app store to see if you have “Updated” to the latest version. Once you click the “Map” icon, you should be presented with a screen to choose which third party navigation tool you would like to use to map your course to the office location.

If you want to save a location for later use, you can always “Favorite” that agency directly in the Team Georgia Directory app. If you’re worried about having offline access to an address, you can always print all, or just a part of, the directory – or even save the map location for offline reference.


More about the Team Georgia Directory:

The Team Georgia Directory launched in January and puts the most up-to-date state contact information at your fingertips. Listing more than 100 state agencies and executive offices, the directory has a range of information including facility locations, phone numbers, email and website addresses, and an index of Georgia’s state leadership.

Key Features include:

  • A desktop version of the Team Georgia Directory is accessible through Team Georgia under the “Resource Center” tab or in the footer of the home page
  • Both web and mobile apps have a searchable database to find contact information, either by agency or employee name
  • Each agency has its own coordinator, who can make real-time changes to the directory
  • If you discover an error, simply click on the contact in question and then select the “Incorrect Info?” option and that agency’s coordinator will be notified
  • You can download and print the entire directory or specified selections directly from the desktop version
  • The free mobile app is optimized to work with iPhone, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smart phone devices
  • The mobile app allows you to save employees and agencies to your contacts, add them to your favorites, or call and email them directly from search and detail features

We hope you enjoy your experience with the Team Georgia Directory web and mobile apps.

If you have questions about the new Team Georgia Directory, please contact our help desk at




Team Georgia Social Media Summit highlights innovation in state government communications

Approximately 50 communications and leadership personnel representing nearly 40 state agencies gathered at the Georgia Department of Administrative Service’s office in Atlanta on Nov. 7, 2013 to discuss how state government communicators are leveraging innovative digital media to support their agency’s strategic priorities. The topics varied, but all focused on tapping digital media to make state government more responsive and approachable.

Cross-agency coordination like this is imperative for much of the work communicators do. This is especially true for digital initiatives, where cooperation between agencies’ respective social media presences allows communicators to amplify messages, grow audiences, and ultimately better communicate with customers.

“What I hope was obvious to the event attendees, is that our peers throughout state government are doing smart, edgy and innovative things with digital media,” said Seth Stuck, Manager of Online Communications for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services and the organizer of the event. “There’s value in seeing and hearing what other state agencies are doing really well, and then considering how their ‘lessons learned’ might apply to our own agencies.”

Below are the presentations from Georgia’s second #TeamGaSocial Summit:

• Optimizing Email: Leveraging targeted, measured email to ensure key audiences are receiving, seeing, opening, and acting on important calls to action
• Ready Georgia Mobile App: How to build and market a mobile app around a strategic need
• Geotagging: How geo-specific apps and social platforms like Foursquare can support strategic initiatives
• Interactive Multimedia Campaigns (Presentation not available): Launching a social media campaign driven by customer-submitted content
• Adaptive Web Design for Responsive Government: Designing websites for mobile users to make state government more accessible

If you “do social media” for your state agency, we invite you to join our Facebook group by requesting access here.

Georgia’s August State Employee Retirees

Calvin Brown (Left) Retires Calvin Brown (left) poses with the Ga. Dept. of Corrections’ Arnold Smith.

This month, Team Georgia’s “featured retiree” is Calvin Brown (pictured on the left), who recently celebrated his retirement from Georgia’s Department of Corrections after 34 years of dedicated service to the state. You can see more photos from Calvin’s retirement celebration on the GDC Facebook page, here.

Congratulations and farewell to Calvin and all of Team Georgia’s 103 newest retirees!

August 2013 Retirees *

Are you, or is someone you know, retiring soon? Send us a photo to feature here on this website!


* We have corrected a sorting error within this document as of 10/7/13