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Governor offers Georgia Commute Options to State employees

Connect with Gov. Nathan Deal

The Georgia CommuteSmart initiative comes from an Executive Order from Governor Nathan Deal’s office and encourages expanded use of commute options and flexible work scheduling for eligible state employees.


Using flexible scheduling to expand beyond the traditional work schedule will enhance the productivity and efficiency of our state team and lighten the burden congestion places on the private-sector economy. Empowering workers to choose alternatives to driving alone on trips to and from work is also proven to enhance productivity and improve morale, as well as attract and retain talent.

Get more by driving less:

Each state agency should implement one or more of the following options:

  • Scheduling shifts to avoid peak traffic times
  • Compressing the 40-hour work week into fewer, longer workdays to reduce commuting
  • Teleworking at home or another approved location
  • Using alternatives to driving alone, such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, biking or walking

Telework and Compressed Work Week Guidance:

Georgia Commute Options offers expert assistance to state agencies at no cost, including:

  • Determining how to best improve your bottom-line (facilities, parking, energy, etc.)
  • Working with agencies to implement or expand programs
  • Providing guidance on assessing jobs and individuals compatible with alternative work arrangements
  • Training for teleworkers and their managers
  • Program evaluation and reporting

Data Collecting:

Employees are encouraged to log their alternative commute trips at a website created for state agencies. By logging their commutes, employees become eligible for cash incentives, and agencies can get reports of their employees’ program participation and environmental impact.

If you’re an agency coordinator, please contact Georgia Commute Options directly to learn more about these free services available to your team:

Lettie Ongie, State Agency Account Manager

Four Alternative Commute Options for State Employees

Georgia Commute Options, brought to you by The Clean Air Campaign and as part of a statewide strategic initiative, strives to mitigate air pollution female singles in dubai by reducing employee commute trips and actively educating employees about commute options. In an effort to reduce state employee commute times, Governor Nathan Deal initiated the Georgia CommuteSmart Program.

The plan includes four commuter options for agencies and state employees to choose from, allowing for more flexibility in their work travel schedule. These options include:

  • Working alternative hours, allowing employees to arrive and depart during non-rush hours
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  • 4-day workweek, letting employees work for extended days, fulfilling work obligations within a four-day period
  • Teleworking, permitting employees to work from home
  • Commute Alternatives such as carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, walking or biking

Telework is the fastest growing component of the Georgia CommuteSmart initiative. Many agencies and departments, including the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, are aggressively expanding their telework programs. By allowing employees to work from home, the SBPAP is lowering real estate costs. Over 600 employees and supervisors have been trained by The Clean Air Campaign and this move has allowed the SBPAP to close 11 branch offices around the state. There are plans to close another 15-20.
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Georgia Commute Options bundles the programs and services that facilitate the use of commute alternatives, including incentive programs, ridematching services, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

By helping employees reduce stress and the high cost of traffic, productivity and retention can be improved; good employees can stay happy.